The FDA may be able to warn against conventional ingredients, but they are not able to provide warnings for holistic products. This is the challenge when it comes to questions regarding CBD oil.
The FDA is unable to elaborate due to the nature of the system and the product. What is CDB oil used for, and why should the FDA warn against it?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the non-psychoative component of the marijuana plant. The last few years have given it a lot of press, primarily for the benefit of treating pain and anxiety naturally.

This has come amidst the battle regarding the use of opioids for the treatment of pain.

It’s touted as one of the best natural solutions for pain, anxiety, relieving stress, and sleeplessness. Regardless of how effective it is, the FDA is unable to say whether or not CBD is a safe solution. Recently, a correspondent from NPR, Allison Aubrey spoke on the matter regarding the FDA’s position on the matter.

CBD oil has been tested on animals like other supplements and drugs. There has been a lot of talk about whether or not CBD is a viable solution for those who have been addicted to heroin and other drugs in the past. The goal for recovering addicts is to find a way to reduce cravings during times of stress.

Studies have been conducted to realize the potential of CBD oil and its effectiveness. Allison Aubrey wanted to find out the truth about CBD oil. There are many that lack getting the help they need. Oftentimes, these folks may get help, but there is a significant delay in them getting this help.

The participants in one study were given videos to watch of individuals using drugs. One group was given CBD oil while the other group was not. Monitoring their brain activity would help them determine whether or not they were impact with cravings. Those in the placebo group did experience what a former drug addict would experience. This means stress and higher cortisol levels.

The group that was given CBD oil experienced a reduction in stress and feelings of anxiety. This study held a few key indicators that should be followed in future studies. These indicators are that the CBD was in pure form, and it was a pharmaceutical grade.

One of the greatest challenges for those who want to try CBD oil, is that it isn’t dispensed in a medical setting at this time. There are some cases in which physicians offer it, but they are typically only in a pain management practice.